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International & National Journals

International Journals:-

1. International Journal of Fundamentals & Numerical Mathematical Science.
2. International Journal of New Advance in Physics.
3. International Journal of Computer Science System Engineering and Information Technology.
4. International Journal of Information Technology & Knowledge Management.
5. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Computational Research.
6. International Journal of Computer Science & Software Technology
7. International Journal of Computer Mathematical Science & Applications.
8. International Journal of Computing & Applications.
9. International Journal of Computer Sciences & Information Technology.
10.International Journal of Information Retrieval
11.International Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Systems.
12.International Journal of Bioinformatics & Soft-computing.
13.International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research Applications.
14.International Journal of Data Ware Housing.
15.International Journal of Image Analysis & Pattern Classification.
16.International Journal of Neural New Works & Applications.
17.International Journal of Embedded Systems & Computer Engineering.
18.Nano International Journal of Nano Science, Nano Engineering &
Nano Technology.
19.International Journal of Highly Reliable Electronic System Design.
20.International Journal of control Theory & Applications.
21. International Journal of Electrical Energy Systems.
22.International Journal of Power Engineering.
23.International Journal of Tower system Optimization & Control.
24.International Journal of Business Policy.
25.International Journal of Information Technology & Management
26.International Journal of Logistics & Supply Chain Management.
27.International Journal of Marketing Issues & Trade Policy.
28.International Journal of Trade in Services.
29.International Journal of Business Management, Economics &
Information Technology.
30. International Journal of Advance Research in computer Engineering
1. Journal of proceedings (Mathematical science).
2. Journal of PRANAMA (Physics).
3. Indian journal of chemistry section – A.
4. Indian journal of pure of applied physics.
5. Journal of Environmental Engineering.
6. ICFAI Journal of English studies.
7. ICFAI Journal of soft skills. 8. ICFAI Journal of chemistry.
9. ICFAI journal of physics.
10. ICFAI Journal of Environmental science.
11. Journal of computer society of India.
12. Journal of C.S.I communications.
13. Journal of computer Engineering.
14. ICFAI Journal of computer science.
15. ICFAI Journal of computational mathematics.
16. ICFAI Journal of Architecture.
17. ICFAI Journal of science of Technology.
18. ICFAI Journal of Information Technology.
19. ICFAI Journal of system management.
20. Journal of Electronics of Tele communication Engineering.
21. ICFAI Journal of Telecommunications.
22. IETE Journal of Research.
23. IETE Journal of Technical Review.
24. IETE Journal of Education.
25. Indian Journal of scientific of Industrial Research.
26. Journal of Electrical Engineering.
27. ICFAI Journal Electrical of Electronics Engineering.
28. ICFAI Journal of Management Research.
29. ICFAI Journal of Managerial Economic.
30. ICFAI Journal of Brand Management.
31. ICFAI Journal of Behavioral finance.
32. ICFAI Journal of Marketing Management.
33. ICFAI Journal of organizational Behavior.
34. ICFAI Journal of operations Management.
35. ICFAI Journal of knowledge Management.
36. ICFAI Journal of Business strategy.
37. ICFAI Journal of Entrepreneur ship Development.
38. ICFAI Journal of corporate Governce.
39. ICFAI Journal of Financial Economics.
40. ICFAI Journal of CYBER LAW.