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Sports and Games Events

The Institute's management encourages students to engage in sports activities, a facet in the overall personality of students. A healthy body develops a healthy mind.

A sports instructor organizes frequent training camps for all sports–Cricket, Volleyball, Tenni-koit, and throw-ball.

Facilities for in-door games, like table-tennis, carom and chess are provided by the college. Annually intramural competitions are held and prizes are awarded to the winners. As part of the annual sports events, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho competitions are conducted and evoke much thrill and enthusiasm among both, participants and audience.

JNIT is one among the more prominent institutes which promotes activities that are designed to enhance the physical fitness of its students. The management encourages the students to participate
in Sports activities on and off the campus. Our students participate in the competitions held at various –nationwide Reputed Engineering
Colleges, and have won prizes in several sporting events like Cricket, Football and Table Tennis etc.

"JAWAHAR CRICKET TOURNEY - 2K12 - National Level Inter Collegiate Cricket Tournment" is being held from 26th January to 16th February 2012."
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Jawahar Cricket

23.2.2011 - 15.3.2011

100 Engg. Colleges Participated