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Cultural Events

Annual Day

celebration is the annual festival of JNIT. The motto of the annual day celebration is to bring together Management, Faculty and Students. Guests are invited from disciplines such as sports, academics and eminent personality of the society, to motivate and encourage the students.

The talented and outstanding students are recognized and are honored with academic awards and sports awards.

The annual day not only restricted to the academic profile but also encourages to conduct extra curricular activity and competitions such as Traditional Dress competition, painting, dancing and singing, Rangoli designing, Mehendi designing, face painting, vegetable carving, hair styling, pot painting.

The annual day event is celebrated with great fervor by students, faculty and staff of JNIT.

All employees of JNIT begin preparations for the annual cultural bonanza, more than a month before
the annual day. Sporting events are conducted in all outdoor and indoor games as part of the festivities.

Students showcase their talents in the crafts by participating in the art and crafts competitions – painting, clay molding, singing, dancing, drama, dumb charades, anthakshari and fashion parade.

Faculty also participate in sporting and cultural events with great enthusiasm.

Annual Day (Jawahar Day-2011) Celebrations
Jawahar Cricket


Annual Day of JNIT